Thursday, September 5, 2013


Motherhood: the kinship relation between an offspring and the mother. I often think of this "hood" that I have joined along with many other women. I have heard their stories. I have read their blogs and I have seen bits and pieces into some of their lives. From the time I started showing with Finn I had random mothers tell me their birth stories. I had women I didn't know come up to me at the grocery store and mention how I must be feeling in the June summer's heat when I was about to pop. I had women come up to me and touch my stomach. I had women talk to me about nursing, about epidurals, about sleep training, about the right diapers to buy, the kind of crib I should get. I had random advice coming at me from all different angles and while I didn't agree with all of it, I listened to it lightly. And with a very select few I really, really listened.

Motherhood is wild. It's exciting and it's challenging. What works for me might not work for the next mom. What I have found I love might not be what my friend loves as a mom. We are all unique, individual components that get to come together and share this special passion. We are women, we are mothers,  friends, sisters. We are not competition. Isn't that what makes this so beautiful? And we have one concept in our minds that we CAN agree on- to love these little people like crazy.

My brother and my sister in law are having a little girl in November. My sister in law has popped. She gets tired when she walks up and down steps now, she said she feels so full, she said she doesn't know how her stomach will stretch in these next two months. I feel so excited for her and at the same time I feel like this was just me. I was the one who needed help buckling her sandals. I was the one who couldn't sleep at night and was tossing and turning trying to get comfortable with this big belly. I was the one who would look in the mirror or catch a glimpse of myself in reflections and not know who I was looking at. It's so amazing. It's so special. And it goes so quickly. 

Now I have a one year old. I get emails about what my "toddler" should be eating. Or how long my "toddler" should be napping. For nine months Finn and I were one- I carried him inside me and grew with him. Quiet moments in the backyard I would try and tell him what he was about to unfold in, what life was like out here. And before I knew it he was here.

If I could give my sister-in-law any advice before her baby girl comes, and only if she asked, I would tell her to feel those kicks from inside her belly. I would tell her to really feel them. Every turn, and every move that that baby girl makes. I would tell her to remember what it feels like because even if she's uncomfortable, and even if she's out of breath and her feet are getting swollen, her little girl will be here soon and these 40 weeks will seem like a hazy dream.

8 months pregnant
he was once a newborn 

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