Saturday, January 18, 2014

my favorites. currently

forts and ice cream. finn's favorites 

my husband sound asleep next to me. the smell of him on our sheets.

the sound of my son saying mama. of putting two and three words together in a sentence. the way he explains things to me now. for example:

- looking at his ceiling fan the other day while changing him he said "light, up high"
"can't reach..."      "one day".

I saw the thought process in his little mind. I saw him thinking how that light is out of his reach currently, but one day he will be bigger and one day he will reach it. I will forever remember the way he said "one day" so sweetly and so calmly.

my son running to my husband when he gets home from work "dadaaaaaa!"

how finn dances.

the way my husband laughs at me.

sunday morning dance parties.

hikes in the woods.

the love in this little house.