Monday, April 1, 2013

Weirton Easter

Another first holiday for our little family. James asked if we could go down to his Grandma's in Weirton, West Virginia for this Easter. We went back to the little town where James was born. Where his parents fell in love at a bible study meeting and his mom won Homecoming queen and got married and pregnant.

We drove to Grandma Lagod's white and teal house on a little hill above the Ohio River. It was rainy and chilly and quiet. Finn's eyes were so big when we walked into her house filled with pictures and tiny little art and treasures everywhere you looked. We walked around upstairs and saw the wooden toys that Grandpa Lagod built by hand. We explored his workshop in the basement and measured Finn's height on the wooden wall.

We ate a big Easter dinner of ham and lamb and potatoes and kielbasi and salad and pitzells and cookies and green jello with pineapple that my own grandma made for dessert so many times. We never got the recipe from her so Grandma Lagod told me the special ingredients (marshmallow and easy whip, etc) and I had two and a half slices because it was so good and because it made me remember eating at my own Grandma's table surrounded by her special art and treasures.

When the rain stopped and it was just misting we walked around the block. Finn looked at the birds flying into a big oak tree with English ivy growing all around the trunk. We walked up the hill and looked down over the tiny houses so close together. I imagined James riding his bike down that hill when he was a little boy. Smiling and laughing but at the same time being cautious of sticks or stones that might cause him to fall. I imagine he was always a little careful.

We left around five and Finn stayed up for the whole ride home, chewing on his hands (teething has begun) and laughing at me singing.

It was a good day.

finn brought his spoon for the walk

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