Monday, September 2, 2013

the sweet spots

Finn milk breathed napping on my lap. I kiss his head over and over
James reading a book to Finn in his room before bed. The little lamp on his bookshelf shining over them softly. Finn's globe sits on his little desk.
The random kisses- Finn leans forward and his little mouth is always a little open.
When Finn wakes before the sun and I carry him into our bed and nurse him back to sleep. He dreams in between James and me and we don't fall back asleep because we love to watch him.
Finn's dance moves. He bobs up and down when he hears music.
When Finn falls asleep in his carseat. His little lips are pursed together and I watch his belly rise and fall slowly. So content and relaxed.
Finn pushing toy trains across our hardwood floor.
Finn noticing our garden, our sunflower that towers above him, the ripe tomatoes that he picks off the plants, the small grasshopper that made a home above our garage door, the little gold finches that come to the bird feeder for breakfast, the neighbor's dog who sleeps under their big oak in the front yard. He is so aware and notices nature. We teach him to feel the wind.

We teach him to feel the wind.

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