Saturday, August 24, 2013

the dahlias are coming

The dahlias are coming. The same dahlias we planted last year in the early summer months to grow ourselves and use for our wedding. We prayed they would not bloom too early or too late. We wished ill to any bug or bunny that was looking for something to snack on. "Please  bloom" I would whisper to the plants while watering. They started blooming a week before the wedding. They were so beautiful and perfect and they were all ours. We didnt buy them from a florist or a wedding planner, we had gotten down on our hands and knees and planted the bulbs and we had cut the buds back when it was time and we had staked them properly and watered them when they were thirsty and they had bloomed beautifully. 

This year I didn't get to work on them as much. I didn't snip the buds back when they first started sprouting and we didn't fertilize or water or whisper to them as much like last year- but they are still growing. Finn and I go look at them in the morning and I try to snip some of the overgrown leaves off but Finn is now picking tomatoes from the plants and he's gotten his feet tangled in the twine I use to stake them upright and now he's chasing a bird that has flown down to the feeder for lunch so I leave the dahlias to fend for themselves. I have a little one year old who I am going to explore with so the dahlias might have to wait until bedtime for some attention. And even then if I am too tired I think they won't be mad. I think they will still look beautiful in the morning. I think they will still remind me of that evening in September last year. I think they will still remind me of love. 

from our wedding

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