Wednesday, August 13, 2014

his little words

just so i don't forget...

walking through home depot with finn and james i mentioned we should build a clothesline..
 "i will build you a clothesline, mama. with wood and bubble wrap"- finn

while sitting next to his eight month old cousin,
"just look at her face!" and then gently rubbed her little cheeks

when we were eating dinner, i said "finn you should probably eat your corn"
he responded, "i probably should eat my corn not"

waking up in bed with me this morning he opened his eyes and said
i opened my eyes,  "love you finn" i said
 "and i love you mama" he said

finn got new shoes with james the other day. when they got home he screamed
"look at my new shoes mama! i run super fast. but come outside so i can get some power" and then ran down the driveway.

we've been filling out a journal every morning. it asks one question a day and it has three lines under it. you're supposed to ask the same question for that day for the next three years and watch how your child's answer changes. yesterday our question was "what do you want to be the best at?" finn thought for a second and then said "the best at blowing bubbles."

saturday james and finn were playing outside while i took a shower and got ready. when i opened the garage door finn saw me, smiled and said "oh, look at you!"

i went to yoga the other night and when i walked in the house finn said, "there you are. i was looking all over for you."

in the car i saw him looking out the window thinking. i asked him what he was thinking about and he replied, "i'm not gonna say shit anymore. i'll say shoot."

(thanks to finn's papa for teaching him that word.)

and thanks to finn. you make me laugh everyday.

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