Tuesday, August 5, 2014

lets splash

how is it august. where did july go? i remember the fourth and a little boy turning two and it seems like the days in-between were filled with dirty feet, bike rides, weekend adventures and a lot of playing.

last night during dinner i made a mistake. i told finn that in the morning i was taking him to a splash pad. a playground that has sprinklers you can run through and splash in. he threw his fork down and demanded we go right then. "i need to go to the lilly pad. i have to go to the lilly pad" he kept saying. even the distraction of a bike ride, he was persistent.

so i did something i'm not proud of.  i called the "lilly pad" and had a pretend conversation.

"oh. oh, okay. you're closed. but you'll open tomorrow. okay. see you then. bye!" i said a little bit too enthusiastically.

finn was staring at me. not convinced.

"let me try" he said and demanded the phone. after a quick text to my dad to forewarn, we called.

"you open??" finn said with optimism in his voice

"nope. no. we're closed for the night. good bye" my dad said quickly

"wait! what you say??" finn said. his voice shaking trying not to cry.

"we're closed. see you tomorrow" and my dad hung up quickly.

"oh. they're closed" finn said and went outside to play with bubbles.

my dad texted me this morning and told me he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about finn's little voice over the phone, so sweet and hopeful. 

we went this morning. finn held my hand and we ran under the sprinklers, laughing and screaming. he pretended he was in a shower and i cheered him on for getting his head wet. we walked back to the car and he said how happy he was that they were open. "i knew they would be" he said softly.

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