Friday, October 3, 2014

what finn says

me: i really want to see that movie
finn: and i really wanna see light up balls  

finn: what you up to mama? like..whats up?

me: thank you for helping me clean up
finn: it's not a problem

finn on nursing: babies nurse. and big boys nurse too really. but dada's don't. they have no boobs.

talking to james about driving: you drive your car in the dark. the moon goes with you so you aren't scared.

me: what do you want to be for halloween?
finn: benny. but mama, how you gonna make me taller?

every night when we sit down for dinner and he starts the conversation: was your day dada?

finn on fog: something burning! that's smoke.
me: no, that's fog.
finn: what's fog? let me call dada. my dada knows everything.

on waking up crabby: i just need pancakes. that will make me feel better.

me:you have some nice scooter tricks, finn.
finn: totally dude.

finn to james: i'm just so happy you're here.

To me and james: i like you guys 

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