Sunday, November 2, 2014


when we were camping one time early this summer i youtubed the sandlot when we were sitting around the fire. i showed finn and james the scene where squints jumps off the dive into the deep end to kiss wendy peffercorn. we watched the scene over and over on my phone laughing.
that week i bought finn the movie. the three of us watched and laughed and finn ran around the living room pretending to be benny. "hey smalls! throw to second!" he yelled at me.
from then on if i wasn't mama, i was smalls.
at the grocery store he'd yell "hey smalls! grab the yogurt!" when he woke up in the morning and i'd go get him from his bed he'd say "morning smalls"
he has the best imagination.
for halloween he was benny.  and i was smalls. (and squints)
at the end of the night when we were back home going through the candy james asked finn if he liked halloween.
"i like it way much" finn replied.

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