Wednesday, November 12, 2014

what finn says

Finn: this is my restaurant. want some coffee?
Me: yes! What's the name of your restaurant? 
Finn: bullseye 

" I want cereal. I just want cereal so bad"
On choosing dinner 

"You're amazing. I want to stay here forever. "

"This tastes fantastic"
Trying dry pancake batter 

"Guys! I'm late. I brought a beach ball"
Showing up for class 

"Oh. Hi sunshine."
Waking up from a nap 

"I want to see Stella and her cute face. But mama, it's not her birthday"
On baby cousins 

"You have licorice for me?? You're the best."

"I can't drink water. It makes me cough" 

"I got this boogie out of my nose. Aren't you happy!" 

"I'll make you da fire, mama. You lay by it" 

"This soap smells. It makes me sneeze. (Fake sneeze)
Going through the carwash 

Finn: "dada have you seen a tornado?"
Dad: "no I haven't"
Finn: "has mama seen a tornado?"
Dad: "no mama hasn't. Tornadoes don't come around where we live"
Finn: "oh. That's good to know"

"Dada. Gimme a pizza kiss"
Out to dinner 

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