Monday, June 30, 2014

add water and light

"you see, the green tomatoes will become red and that's when we pick them off the vine" james says to finn and finn listens closely.
"look over there, the pepper is starting to grow, see how long and green it is, growing down towards the ground? we'll pick those soon, too."
before they start to water the sky turns grey and the clouds roll in. the thunder starts and finn keeps reminding himself not to be scared "thunder can't hurt you. it's just loud" he says. 
we stand in the garage and watch the drops on the driveway. big, heavy drops that start slowly and then come crashing down quickly.
we move inside and watch from the window.
"the flowers and vegetables are drinking the water" i tell finn and he shakes his head in agreement.
"they aren't scared of thunder either" he says softly.
after the rain the sky turns pink, and purple and gold and orange and we spend the evening jumping in puddles until the lightening bugs come out and finn chases them around the yard laughing.

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