Friday, June 13, 2014

cape may

we just got back from a trip to cape may. last minute we packed up the car and headed to the ocean. the first time finn would feel sand on his feet and see the waves. he was unsure of the water at first. getting close and then running away with the sweetest look on his face. for three days he kept a careful watch on the water when he was playing. every time a wave got close to his sand castle he stepped back a few inches with a concerned look on his face. on the last day finn was playing baseball by the water with grammy when he grabbed her hand and ran right into the waves laughing. the two of them splashed on the shore, running in and out of waves, his little feet moving so quickly, both of them with huge smiles on their face screaming and laughing. "i'm not afraid, mama!" he yelled to me. "i'm not afraid!"

james woke up at five every morning and headed to the beach. he had talked about catching a striper with excitement in his voice in bed the night before. early the next morning, he caught him. he held him. took a picture with him. and put him back in the ocean where james said he belongs.

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