Sunday, June 15, 2014

happy father's day

 “The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” —tim russert

happy father's day to the dads.

 to my dad. the biggest supporter. the best guy. who always provides for his family and puts us first. who loves his wife, his fireplace, his kids and his dog. who makes me laugh daily with his wit and humor. who shares the same love of good writers, short stories and charles bukowski. who taught me that nothing can get done without preserverance and a good business plan. i love you, dad.

to my father-in-law. the man who raised my husband. the man who will help you move into your house, clean your gutters, build his grandsons a sandbox, and then sit down with you and drink a perfect IPA. the sweetest pa who gives the best squeezes. the man who looked me in the eyes at my wedding reception and said he loved me and said i was a great mom. the best compliment i could receive. i love you, pa.

to my husband. the father of our finnegan. who comes home from working 11 hour days and starts playing with his son. who is gentle and calm with his words to finn, knowing they have power over our little boy- knowing that finn is always watching him, trying to be like him. my greatest wish is for our son to be the type of man you are. someone who you want to be around. someone you can trust. someone who does what he says all the time. who is full of adventure and tricks and tells the best stories. i love you, james.

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