Monday, June 2, 2014

Dear James

Dear James
Finn came into our bed around six and nursed and then rolled over and said "I go to sleep" and an hour later that's what he's still doing.

You're at work already and I'm here thinking about our weekend. Packing up the van and going to aunt sis's house on the lake where you lived for a couple years. You tell me stories about your life at that time and I picture you working landscape and living in that little cabin in the woods that now have been cut down and turned into a trucking parking lot.

We had so much fun this weekend. Spending the night in the camper. Finn came into our bed around 3am and I got to snuggle him in my sleeping bag while we heard the trains going by in the distance. Around five am when the birds started chirping I thought Finn was definitely going to wake up but he slept so soundly. When he woke up I unzipped the window and showed him how we slept outside and he looked so content and happy and the back of his hair was a little bit curly from the sleeping bag and I felt so excited because it was the start of my favorite season.

You were so excited to take us to presque isle for a boat ride. Finn was so excited and made sure he had his fishing rod. I wasn't sure how long we would make it on the boat- would he get bored or anxious? As soon as you turned the motor on and we started moving he became relaxed and still. So peaceful from the boats humming and the waves and the lake breeze. He fell asleep. I couldn't believe it. He slept for over an hour with the boat rocking him. I felt so excited.

After, we took Finn to the beach and he threw rocks and built sandcastles and we walked down the lake, Finn on your shoulders and me rubbing his back, and you surprised Finn with an ice cream sandwich from the little concession stand. We played baseball the three of us on the beach. Finn assigning us different characters "you be Benny, mama" "you be smalls, dada" "smalls throw to second!" From his favorite movie The Sandlot. His imagination is getting stronger every day. Playing with him is my favorite.

You took Finn down to the lake to show him how you skip rocks. The two of you stayed down there and he watched you and laughed at you and tried to impersonate you. I thought about how lucky we are to have you. I thought about how great of a dad you are. I thought about the adventures we can take this summer.  I felt so excited.

This weekend made me so happy. You make me so happy, jbird. You make me so excited. 

snoozin on the boat

the ice cream sandwich finn talked about the rest of the day. and night. he kissed james goodnight and said "thank you for my ice cream, dada. thank you for my ice cream" 

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